The mind behind our magical stories

MARK AMOS – Co-founder

ILANA AMOS – Co-founder

Mark and Ilana Amos have been leading entrepreneurs and visionaries for the past 35 years in the fields of media and publication. The companies they established were always pioneers when it came to audio and video productions, and children’s enrichment. Over the years they also became leading distributors of brands such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Mattel, and others.

In 2012 they began developing products based on content for children using stories that integrate games for children from ages 2 to 8. The lengthy development process was followed by the 2018 established of their international label, Books2Play.

MARK AMOS – Co-founder

ILANA AMOS – Co-founder

Ilana and Mark are the husband and wife team that conceptualized, founded, and guide Books2Play.

They have a highly successful 35 year track-record of pioneering media companies focused on children’s enrichment.

Companies founded by Mark and Ilana have broken new ground in video, audio, and interactive media for early childhood, and have partnered with such global kids-oriented brands as Disney, Warner Bros., and Mattel.

Ilana and Mark have a longstanding passion to make high quality children’s content much more affordable than it has traditionally been.  Their vision is that money should never prevent a child from experiencing great content.

In 2012 they made the decision to make this vision a reality.  After six years of intensive content and product development they succeeded, and the international Books2Play label which provides the highest quality interactive content, at prices that virtually any family can afford, is the result. 


Nimrod Cohen – CEO

Nimrod is responsible for keeping the business and operations running seamlessly, and for keeping our customers delighted. 

He is an experienced corporate executive with background in all aspects of business from marketing, product development, and operations, to finance and executive leadership in both global corporations and early stage startups. 

Before joining in 2018, Nimrod spent ten years as an executive in the biotechnology and consumer products industries.