The right content is critical in early childhood.  That’s because a kid’s brain will grow more in the first few years of life than in all the years and decades to come.  And the content that this furiously growing little brain is exposed to has profound effects. High quality content stimulates high quality engagement.  And high quality engagement generates positive patterns of feeling and thinking and learning that literally last a lifetime.

That’s why we are all about the content!  And why we have been for the past 30 years.  Always focused on kids – their perceptions, perspectives, dreams, and needs .

Now, while quality is critical, it is not enough.  Quality content also has to be affordable, so that every family is able to provide it to their kids.  And that’s where our Books2Play series comes in.

Books2Play is our series of over 40 smart interactive books & games designed to engage young kids (ages 3-8) with the magical high quality content that their growing minds need.  And to do so at a  price that virtually every family can afford.

During the creation process we set both – highest quality and afforability as our main goals: