The Watch that Could Not Tell the Time

Every time Jordan & Ollie went to visit Grandpa Joey, they always found some kind of treasure in the old dresser.
This time they found a very old silver pocket watch with watch hands that acted a bit strangely.
The watch hands showed that it was already nighttime! 7:00 o’clock is time for bed.
Ollie and Jordan were confused: “Something’s not right about this watch…”
Quickly they realized that the watch wasn’t broken—it simply didn’t understand time!

The reader together with the confused watch listens to the songs of various lengths and learns what time is.

Hansel and Gretel

Gretel and her brother Hansel had been lost in the woods for many hours when, suddenly, they came upon an astonishing house made of chocolate, cake and candy. Sure, it sounds tasty…except for the scary, wicked witch who lives in the house. She locked Hansel in a cage and turned Gretel into her servant.

What happened next? Well, you’ll discover the answer for yourselves, because Hansel and Gretel are in great need of your help…

Octoday – the eighth day of the week

One morning, just as one week ended and a new one was about to begin, something very strange happened, something extraordinary.

Refael was sure that it was Sunday just like it was every week, but instead, a new day popped up, one he didn’t know at all.

“Excuse me? What day are you?” Refael asked, surprised. 

“I’m a new day. I’m called ‘Octoday’ and I’m the 8th day. I come after Saturday.”

A Zoo of My Own

What do you do when Mama doesn’t let you adopt a pet?
You make a birthday wish!
And guess what?
Sometimes birthday wishes do come true!
Use the special sliding windows to help me hide all my newly adopted animal friends.

The Good Night Book

Night falls on the city and the countryside…
The moon whispers: “It’s getting late.”
The playground gets dark.
It’s time to say ‘good night’ to everyone.
Now we’ll turn off the light and say – “Good night!”
Use the special light switches to turn the lights off when night comes.

The Lettereater​

Won’t you meet the Lettereater?
Letters are the things that feed her. Any letter will do fine,
be it from a book or sign. From a keyboard or a paper, not a letter will escape her.

One morning, all the animals wake up to discover that important
letters are disappearing. For example the Rooster discovers that
his C is missing, so he can’t crow his famous Cock a doodle doo!
Eventually, the animals meet the Lettereater, who assures them that
they are making a big fuss for nothing since letters can always be
replaced. As proof, a set of letter stamps is included with the book,
allowing the reader to fill in all the animals’ missing letters.
the animals’ missing letters.

Where did the Signs Go?

In a city full of signs, words are written line by line:
Forbidden! Permitted! Stop! Go!
Happy Holidays! Drive Slow!
But one fine day – a big surprise –
no one could believe their eyes…
From way up high to near the ground
not a sign was to be found.

In this absorbing story, a little boy discovers that all the city’s signs
are missing. It’s lucky that he already knows how to read a little… The
storybook includes a box with all the missing signs, and the reader is
encouraged to restore them to their rightful place in the city.