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It's All About The CONTENT !


Ultra-high-quality content (at ultra-low prices). For kids!

This is what we’ve been doing for the past 30 years. Always focused on kids – their needs, dreams and enjoyment.

Books2Play is our series of over 40 smart interactive books for ages 3-8. The unique combination of magical stories and innovative platforms turns our books into exciting games.

Our mission: To overcome price barriers that prevent so many kids from experiencing the magic of truly high-quality content.

ILANA AMOS - Co-founder
The Pioneer

MARK AMOS - Co-founder
The Visioner

Nimrod Cohen - CEO
The Engine

MOTTI AVIRAM - The mind behind our magical stories

Explore our  growing interactive adventure stories, organized by different age groups below.  Each book includes a fun action element that draws the child into the story, and encourages imagination, and creativity as well as ensuring hours of pleasure. Click on each of the titles below to learn more.